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Исполнитель: (by SPV) Музыка для себя и машины

Название: London Fashion Week

Длительность mp3: 05:44

Добавлено: 2015-03-06

Скачали: 655


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Текст песни:

What can you do
When the sky falls in on you
Around your feet
You take a chance
And try to make it trough
Rewind, repeat

Another day and you're closer to the sun
A time is up
Plan of the hours and you'll count them every one
So scream and shout

And yet we keep driving trough the night
I hope we are headed for the light
Only your dreams to leave the way, out here...

Клип "BURBERRY PRORSUM" London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel
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