Alice Sokolova Чезаре Борджиа - Канцлер Ги cover English - музыка из рекламы борджиа

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Исполнитель: Alice Sokolova

Название: Чезаре Борджиа - Канцлер Ги cover (English)

Длительность mp3: 02:03

Добавлено: 2016-06-04

Скачали: 501


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Текст песни:

Through the great cathedral my steps ring hollow
Will I live to see the sun rise tomorrow?
On the altar candles are burning dimly
Would that there was someone to light one for me.

Saintly faces darken with rightful anger
Sinner, do you dare this holy place to enter?
You lived as the Satan, you know his sentence
Don’t expect that you’ll get a kinder penance.

Look upon the sky as the night surrenders
Angels bring God’s words to the ground below
Just one single question demands an answer:
Is He really there in the heaven’s dome?

Once I’ve been a hero and mighty conqueror
All the vast Romagna was in my power.
Bright as golden sunshine had been my glory
In those former days of my life’s black story.

Spiteful villains whisper their dirty tales
My own sister’s lover and brother slayer!
All Fortuna left me, in mocking vengeance –
- Just a damned name and my last possession:

Faithful sword, my friend of a thousand battles,
You’re the only hope that is left to me!
No more angels fly to the Earth with answers.
They know well there’s no one listening.

Angels pace cathedrals like apparitions,
Shudder in revulsion from my confession.
But he can’t pray better; oh bless’d Madonna,
Mercy for this sinner, Cesare Borgia!

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