Afroman Colt 40ty Fiva - fiva

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Исполнитель: Afroman

Название: Colt 40ty Fiva

Длительность mp3: 03:21

Добавлено: 2016-12-16

Скачали: 395


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Текст песни:

If you lookin for me
ill be at the party
Smokin Marijuana
sippin on bacardi
Drunk driva (drunk Driver)
Colt 40ty fiva (Hustla Owww)
everybody know the party dont stop
drink every last drop be nice to the cops now (yes sir)
Drunk Driver, Colt 40ty Fiva

Im on the front-tear of my life (tear of my life)
Lotta Marijuana lotta beer in my life
road trip, 40 ounce to my lip
pull it close to me rubber on the hip
who me? ima drunk driva (drunk driva)
afroman colt 40ty fiva (colt 40ty fiva)
you might think this life-style sucks (style sucks)
i wouldnt trade it for amillion bucks...


Another day another party
different place different pace
different faces different races
on the same bassis
gettin fucked up
cuz we dont care (we dont care)
ima rich man baby so i luv to share (luv to share)
real drunks do it all (do it all)
drink drive run fight and crawl (fight and crawl)
im knee deep in the part (deep in the part)
smokin Marijuana sippin on bacardi (sippin on bacardi)
real talk mention my name (mention my name)
im in the colt 45 hall of fame (hall of fame)
dear god im glad im alive (Glad im alive)
smokin Marijuana drinkin colt 45 (colt forty fiiive)
this is everyday it never get old (it never get old)
Blunts rolled tight colt fourty five cold (colt forty five cold)
this aint a rap song this is my life (this is my life)
colt forty five is my sexy wife

Hook x2

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