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Исполнитель: TNA Wrestler s Theme

Название: AJ Styles (Get Ready To Fly)

Длительность mp3: 02:56

Добавлено: 2016-01-11

Скачали: 526


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Текст песни:

Get ready to fly
I am i am
I am I am
Whoooaaaa (Get ready to fly

They say i couldnt do it. (Huh?)
Say the name for it. (what?)
Your intention is to pass then pay for it (Yeah)
Thats why this kid's on top,he belongs there
Thats why he take it all,its like he owns it (own)
Fly high now,like the birds do.
Its all over when Styles is flying over you. (ooh..)
Dont forget the name A. Do i need to explain? .J Welcome to TNA,we about to change a thing

You are..You Are.. (Every body get ready to fly)
I am i am (Styles)
To top tooth drop
Get ready to fly

The rest of the paper is a masterpiece released ,flying to the least,beast.
Its just the matter ot time.
Remember to save us for the hospitaa
Something here's in line.
No Guy.
I see the people stare at our line.
like hemalia screaming she would be on a sign

Now fly hard AJ a.k.a Line hard
Fly dart,just finish what the mind starts

You are..You Are.. (Every body get ready to fly)
I am i am (Styles)
To top tooth drop Lets go!
I am i am
Am Styles,everybody get ready to fly
Styles (WhoooaaaA) Lets go! (You are you are...) I am i am (Lets go)
To Top trough Top tooth Drop!

Get ready to fly,get ready to fly fly

Lets go..
A..J..Styles,Everybody get ready to fly

To top tooth drop trough top,lets go!

You are,,your are I am i am (every body get ready to fly) you are you are Styles!
I am i am Lets go!
You ar Styles!
Get ready to fly! ( i am i am)
You are You Are...Styles
i am i am Lets go,A..J..Styles I am I am Everybody get ready to fly!
A...J...Styles Everybody get...Lets go ( I am I am)
A..J..Styles Everybody get ready to fly
A..J...Styles Everybody get ready to fly (Whoooaaaa)
Get ready..Lets go! (I am i am........I am i am)
Get ready to fly!

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