Lil Eazy-E Lets Get It Crackin - lets get it crackin перевод

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Исполнитель: Lil Eazy-E

Название: Lets Get It Crackin

Длительность mp3: 03:39

Добавлено: 2016-06-09

Скачали: 488


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Текст песни:

We got Swoop on the boards
And E on da vocal cords
We got Swoop on The boards
And E on the vocal cords

Ohhla, whoa ma, oh my
You caught my eye now come closer
You so fly no lie now pop dat chocha
I'm a work ya like a G supposed to
Dat get you on yo hands and soak ya
Til ya beggin baby please no more
Just cuz they call me lil, don't mean dat I'm little
I got a big ol' pickle to stick you up yo pretty middle
Make you sizzle walk da hizzle
Til you get some Pepto Bismal
I' shootin far when I'm buzzin wit my sex pistol
So say ahh like you eatin on a pack of skittles
No wittles just giggles and lot's of hanky panky
Rappin is easy when I'm sippin on some dranky dranky
Blowin my whistle while I'm brightin up some stanky stanky
I got her eating up talkin bout some take me take me
And she got a man damn he bout to hate me


Let's get it crackin, let's have a ball
Get this chick to strippin, take your clothes off
Let's get it crackin, from now til dawn
Shake yo sexy ass and lemmie see yo thong
Like a lawnmower man here we go again
Cuttin and cuttin and a huffin and a puffin
Just a beatin up and bustin, just to knock out a sumthin
Like a big pinata that now get's her humpin
I keep da crowd jumpin, keep da club bumpin
Like this mutha fucka got herpes or sumthin
So don't trip for I get's the dumpin
I'll have the paramedics at yo chest just a pumpin
But this is for da radio so I betta chill
For I get's a pop, pop wit dat stainless steel
Yeah I'm like dat and as a matter of fact
I hate snitch niggas so just step the fuck back
My name is Eazy but you can call me E
Or you can call me right now if you payin my fee
Oh you gat a gang of bitches off a gang of E
And all they wanna do is have sex wit me


The munchies got me hungrier than Ghandi
In my drop blow the top, up in John B
I'm hot your not don't remind me
On da block wit a Glock is where you'll find me
Tryna do da right thang like Spike lee
But these bitch ass niggas keep trying, eyein me
Tell ya on dat Ivy, Pop's still alive askin god why me
All I spit is poison Ivy
Nigga you sweeter than a whol pack of Hi-C
But anyhow, anywho, let's do the do
Pick up some Remy baby we gon' have a Bar-B-Q
I'm packin good and clean brought a gang of rubbers too
So bitches gimmie, gimmie lemme take a look at you
My love electric baby shock me like a pikachu
I see yo monkey starin at em playin peek-aboo
Bulgin out them thongs bout to bust through


The legend continues. Lil E, Big Swoop, Bomb Squad

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