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Исполнитель: Inner Circle

Название: Games People Play

Длительность mp3: 03:28

Добавлено: 2017-03-16

Скачали: 951


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Текст песни:

chorus: (twice)
Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na
I'm talking about you and me yeah and the games people play

All the games people play now
Every night and every day now
Never maning what they say yeah
Never saying what they mean
First you wind away your hours
In your concrete towers
Soon you'll be covered up in flowers in the back of a black limousine

People walking up to you
Singing glory hallelujah
And they try to sock it to you yo ho in the name of the lord


Then they teach you how to meditate
Read your horoscope and change your fate
And further more to hell with hate come on gimme some more more
and more
Turn around and look at what you see
What is happening to you and me
God grant me the serenity yeah to remember who I am
First you given up your sanity
For your pride and your vanity
Turn your back on humanity yeah and you dont give a damn damn damn

Ooho ho Oho ho ho ho Wooho ho Wo ho ho Wo ho ho ho ho
Wou Wou Wou Wou

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